šŸ‘‹ Hi! I’m Shashank

Welcome to, my Digital Garage - a public compendium of all that I do. More stuff coming soon, stay tuned šŸ˜€.

I like to read, think, solve problems across multiple disciplines. Primarily exploring/interested in solving problems related to climate change, effective learning, ML & mixed reality.

Feel free to reach out (email/ Twitter) if you’ve similar interests/ opportunities in these areas.

[CAUTION: The section below hasn’t been updated for a few months. will update soon :) ]


šŸ›  working on some tiny projects + a newsletter related to AI Content/Media Creation. Launching soon.

Recent stuff

Worked on a project to forecast supply-cost curves for the CDR(Carbon Dioxide Removal) industry. More Info, Youtube event video

Spent the past few months competing in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2021.
šŸ† Won in National Semifinals, Qualified for Imagine Cup India Championship Finals.
šŸ„ˆ Finished in Top 8 teams + National Runner-up (Lifestyle category)

Recently, I worked as a Task Manager + Junior ML Engineer at Omdena (July-Sep 2020 / Part-time). Worked on improving satellite images quality using super-resolution techniques.