What's shacrw.com ?

This post will be periodically updated (~every 3-4 weeks) as the website evolves and gets populated with more content. This is v1.0

Hey, I’m Shashank!

Shacrw.com is my Digital Garage - a public compendium of all that I do / will do in the future. It’s like the HQ of my presence on the web, my virtual real estate.

In case you’re wondering about the name Shacrw: ‘Sha’ stands for my name, Shashank. ‘crw’ expands to consume-render-write.

In the coming months I’ll be continually updating this website with technical articles (mainly related to ML), personal projects, essays/notes/thoughts on various topics of interest to me.

Some topics which will be covered in the next 3 months: climate change, machine learning, carbon capture, writing, roam research, information consumption

Shacrw.com is basically a channel for practicing “Learning in Public” and building/attracting an audience of like-minded individuals.


Hey! I’m Shashank, a CS undergrad. I like to read, think, solve problems across multiple disciplines. Primarily exploring/interested in solving problems related to climate change, effective learning, ML & mixed reality.