[Draft] AI Generated Content : The Next No-code

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AI generated content : Content Creator :: No/Low-code : Product makers

*No/Low-code referred to as No-code throughtout the article

Getting straight to the point, I think 2022-2025 will probably be the time when the content creation enhanced via AI based tools will pick up hype (i.e. deserved hype) and be at a similar stage as the No-code space in 2019-2020 (i.e. not just hype but plenty of cheap & accessible tools for handling all the steps of making a product)

Let’s focus on how the terrain of AI-based Content Creation tools will be similar to the No-Code space.

One of the biggest achievements of No-code tools is elimination of the coldstart problem when making a new product. All great technology and tools are essentially friction removers. No-code eliminates the friction to take those first baby steps and depending on the type of product either an initial MVP or even a full-fledged product can be powered by these tools

Just like no-code eliminated engineering cost, tools for AI generated content will eliminate production cost.

As the technical skills, time, effort and cost to make a piece of content (like a video) goes down, friction to test a new idea goes down as well thus enabling creators to iterate on content styles quickly and exercise more creativity per unit time.

Thus like a lot of the base technology which we have today trickled down from research labs, defense usage to the consumer level, in the same way with time a lot of the crazy stuff which big studios have will be in the hands of everyone else.

New demographics of content creators

  • create using alternate identities.

Targeted/Regional Content creation becomes low friction

  • like for major releases Film studios release in multiple languages.
  • It’s natural indie content creators would want to do this too to expand their viewer base.

Virtual Identities: say Hello to 21st century pen names

  • virtual identities generated via AI are the evolved version of pen names.


  • read up more on history of pen names
  • what was the previous big leap in content creation (before AI generated content)? Access to internet, audience, social media? What about in terms of tools?
  • like thinking from first principles what all is needed? hardware, story, audience, software (a few things more maybe). smartphone provided hardware, social media provided audience, once everyone has that, then use AI to remove further friction? Or jump levels in terms of content quality ?

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